ZAG Academy program bears fruit!

Over the past weekend the MSSA hosted their 36th Gauteng Provincial Championships. Among those in attendance were ZAGA and Helpmekaar Kollege.

In the 3rd term of 2017 ZAG Academy started their pilot program at Helpmekaar Kollege. Over the weekend this program started to bear fruit. Helpmekaar entered a team for both League of Legends and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Both teams qualified to attend national team trials in June of this year. All members of Team Rising Sons earned their Gauteng Provincial Colours in CS:GO for winning all their matches.

ZAG Academy created ZAGA last year to provide it’s players with the opportunity of competing in MSSA events and by doing so possibly earn their provincial or national colours. This of course is extremely beneficial to athletes, as it opens the doors to bursaries and international competition. Aiden Smale competed in Starcraft 2 for ZAGA over the weekend and earned his Gauteng Provincial Colours.

Here are some of our results:

Helpmekaar Kollege
CS:GORising Sons1st place in Premier Men’s Division
LOLMiracleWhipp3rd place in School Male Division
Starcraft 2Aiden Smale1st place in Premier Men’s Division


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