Getting ready for National Team Trails!!!

Helpmekaar's team MiricleWhipp
Helpmekaar's RISING SONS

This weekend saw the MSSA hosting their 17th Mpumalanga Provincial Championships. Helpmekaar Kollege once again showed up in strong form!  MiricleWhipp, their League of Legends team, came first in premier division and was awarded provincial colours. Helpmekaar’s CS:GO team, RISING SONS, had a strong showing as well finishing in second place in the premier division losing only to the distinguished team from Taccor gaming.

With National Team Trials getting ever closer the Helpmekaar boys are going in strong. With their hard work and dedication they are in good standings to face National Team Trials and hope to get the opportunity to represent their country with pride and passion.

Helpmekaar’s team MiricleWhipp and RISING SONS have both qualified for National Team Trials and will be facing the other teams on the 2nd and 3rd of June.

We wish the Helpmekaar boys the best luck for National Team Trials


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